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Building Faith in Groups

The Pilgrim Course

The Pilgrim course is for individual or group work, exploring ideas of faith in easily accessibly language and process. Each participant has a booklet, the leader has a guide to use, and there are lots of extra resources for those who are interested! Paula Gooder is a key contributor to this series and we know she's great. Learn more about the Pilgrim course here: Pilgrim Course on FormedFaith


This Saint Francis College Short Course "What matters about Jesus?" covers 6 topics including "Who is Jesus?", "Did Jesus really rise form the dead?", "Why did Jesus die?" and "Was Jesus really who he said he was/is?". Our Archbishop Phillip Aspinall starts the ball rolling with the video: "Was Jesus Real?". Watch them anytime and check out the questions for individuals or groups that follow each session. Its amazing we have such wonderful speakers who really know Jesus, and love to share their understanding. Make a cuppa and relax with this Short Course from St Francis College, our very own Theological College.