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The Bible - Introduction to the writing of Paul

This series of YouTube clips Reading Paul for the first time is addictive! Paula Gooder is a British theologian and Anglican lay reader, who specialises in the New Testament. Since 2013, she has been the Theologian in Residence for the Bible Society. Enjoy her animated conversation and get to know the writing of Paul and the new ideas about the Apostle that have developed out of the newest research and archaeology. Use them for your own information or share them with a friend and chat about what you find out. You'll be inspired to read more Paul 

The Bible - John

Another winner from Paula Gooder, British theologian and Anglican lay reader specialising in the New Testament. Her manner on film is so engaging, and she has a natural teaching style that brings everyone along with her. Enjoy hearing about the early Christian community and how they communicated, who the writer of John "might" be, and other fascinating details about the most enigmatic of the Gospels. Wonderful introduction to John. 

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Bible stories come alive

Some of my favourite story times are ones that allow kids to take centre stage. Most children get all sparkly at the opportunity to help tell a story - Jolanda Howe's short "how to" guide to dramatizing stories is a great resource for Sunday School teachers, parents, camp leaders, anyone who works with children! Families and parishes can use this easy technique for a story time that involves everyone. 3 tips to involve children in story telling.