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Social Justice

Social Justice for primary schoolers


This lesson outline is designed for schools, but our parish could do this during a service, or as a special event if you like the look of it. We all take on the role of refugees and progress through the pilgrimage route set up prior to the event. Along the way we visit stations that allow time to think about a particular aspect of the refugee situation. This is a dynamic, gentle and thoughtful introduction for children (and the rest of us!) to walk a mile in another's shoes.  refugee pilgimage​​


UN Sustainable Development Goals

Caritas Australia (a Roman Catholic initiative) produced this PowerPoint for use with primary school children, although it should be used with everyone! The aim is to introduce the Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations in response to the overwhelming percentage of people living on under $1 per day. Slides 3 and 4 include a choice of age-appropriate questions for you to consider as you flip through the slides. If you want to use this at home, ask the questions first, then watch the slides, and discuss as you go. Asking questions first gives a focus to viewing and makes the whole experience more rewarding and satisfying. Find the link on this page. Sustainable Development Goals

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Doing Justice
Doing Justice website is an hosted by the Social Responsibilities Committee of the Anglican Church Southern Queensland. There are many resources that you can engage with on their website.
   Climate Change
   Asylum Seekers
You can connect with other working for justice.
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Reconciliation Australia

What is Reconciliation?

There are many resources that available through the Reconciliation Australia webpage. We would encourage you to view the webpage if you wish to dwell deeper into Reconciliation and understand what it means for all Australians.